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Thank you for purchasing StorSimple's Armada Storage Appliance model 1010.  This document provides release notes identifying open issues with the software version installed on your Armada.

Release Notes for Version 1.0

The following are the release notes for v1.0 for the Armada Storage Appliance model 1010.




Comments and/or Work Arounds


The Deduplication Effectiveness chart is not displayed

If the page displays a message "Nullable object must have a value", this means that the cloud statistics have not been enabled for the selected cloud account. Please enable the cloud statistics and the chart will start appearing properly.


The drive may go offline when the connectivity to the cloud is not working properly

This situation happens very rarely, under heavy load conditions and specifically when connectivity to the cloud is not working normally. Please disconnect the session from the iSCSI initiator and reconnect.


The Deduplication Effectiveness may display an 'InnerException' error while selecting a specific cloud account

This issue occurs only when an additional cloud account is created at runtime. In such scenarios, only the global statistics (across all cloud accounts) are available to track the deduplication effectiveness.


Incorrect statistics reported when enabling volume/cloud monitoring

When enabling individual volume or cloud monitoring, the statistics may report data prior to the time the statistics were enabled. Please ignore all the values antecedent the start of monitoring.


The Armada appliance may reboot under heavy cloud/network congestion

Response times to the host I/Os may become very slow when the a lot of traffic is pushed into the system and the response time from the cloud provider becomes extremely slow. In rare conditions, this may result in a reboot of the appliance. The appliance will restart without any operator intervention and the Microsoft iSCSI initiator will re-establish the connection soon afterwards. Once the network congestion or delayed responses from cloud provider disappear, the latency in the I/Os will return to normal levels.


Microsoft iSCSI initiator doesn’t support LUN ID 255

Use a LUN ID of 0 to 254


Multiple volumes discovered as “Disk -1” when using MPIO

Ensure that there are no network connectivity issues between your server and Armada


iSCSI connection not disconnected properly when volume access group changed to remove the initiator

On the server, under the Disk Management snap-in, “offline” the volume, then attempt to disconnect the target using the initiator


Host I/Os are being throttled while Cloud Clone operations are in progress

Schedule Cloud Clone operations during times of lower I/O activity


‘Invalid Hostname’ error shown while validating cloud account, when the credentials are invalid but the hostname is valid

This is a cosmetic error, which should say ‘Invalid Credentials’.  Be sure to check all cloud configuration parameters when any error is encountered


Armada continues to broadcast original IP address of after setup

Certain switch security features prevent Armada interfaces from coming online

Default IP addresses are retained after initial setup to facilitate recovery should the configured IP addresses be forgotten.  This is expected behavior.  Ensure that the LAN switch that Armada is connecting to does not prohibit ports from coming online when the attached device is advertising more than one IP address


CSA_STATUS_AGAIN message encountered when deleting a volume

Wait five minutes and attempt to delete the volume again.  If the error does not persist, it can be ignored.  If the error continues, please contact StorSimple technical support


Read-only volumes appear to be writable by Windows 2008 server initiators

When a volume is configured read-only and assigned to a Windows 2008 server, Explorer will behave as though you are able to write content to the volume due to its large filesystem buffer cache.  Examining the volume from another machine (for instance, Windows 7) shows that no data was actually written to the volume


Management time reporting different timezone than datapath time

Wait fifteen minutes and the issue should disappear, once the management subsystem and datapath subsystem have synchronized their time.  Should the error persist beyond fifteen minutes, please contact StorSimple technical support


HTTP error 503 “Service Unavailable” when accessing the web GUI

Please contact StorSimple support should you encounter this error

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Contacting Technical Support

Should you encounter any issues with your StorSimple StorSimple Storage Appliance, please do not hesitate to contact StorSimple Technical Support at:

Please contact StorSimple technical support to create your support account, which will allow you access to product documentation and other resources including software images, technical reports, release notes, and other collateral using StorSimple’s File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server at:

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