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IP Address Recovery

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Table of contents
This document (TR00002) provides a reference for how to recover the IP addresses used on a StorSimple appliance, which may be necessary for units used for customer demonstration or other situations.  The StorSimple appliance is pre-configured with well-known IP addresses that can be used for recovery purposes.  This document will guide you through the steps necessary to perform this task.
  1. Ensure that the management port of the StorSimple appliance and your laptop Ethernet port are connected to the same switch and are in the same virtual LAN.
  2. Disable the wireless network interface on your laptop.
  3. Configure a static IP on your laptop’s Ethernet port.  Use the IP address of, and a subnet mask of  Do not set a default gateway, and do not set DNS servers.




  1. Open your web browser, and point it to:
  2. At the login prompt, login to the appliance using the credentials of:
    • Username: admin,
    • Password: password.




  1. Click on ‘Configure’ and then ‘System Settings’.




  1. Modify the settings for the appropriate interfaces as shown on the ‘Network Settings’ page.
  2. When finished, be sure to reconfigure your laptop wired Ethernet interface correctly, and re-enable your wireless Ethernet interface.


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