Software Patch Upgrade Guide v2.1.1.461

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This document describes the procedure required to upgrade your StorSimple appliance to v2.1.1.461-B47 software. The procedure is applicable to the entire 5000 and 7000 series of StorSimple appliances running v2.1.1.325 and up. This is a non-disruptive process that involves a software patch upgrade followed by a firmware upgrade. The procedure takes anywhere from 1.5 – 2 hours. See the release notes to learn more about the features of software version

When upgrading to v2.1.1.461, you may also need to upgrade the associated auxiliary software such as StorSimple Data Protection Console (SSDPC) and StorSimple SharePoint Data Optimizer (SSDO). The document provides information on how to get the latest software patch for the above applications including links to detailed upgrade steps.

The procedure is detailed in the following sections:


Preparing for Upgrade

This page describes the preparation that needs to be done prior to upgrading your system. Perform the following steps to prepare for your upgrade:

  1. Ensure that your appliance is running v2.1.1.325 or higher. If your appliance is running an older version, contact technical support to upgrade you to the minimal supported version.
  2. Access the Xyratex site at Download the following patches prior to starting the upgrade:​
    1. Appliance software upgrade patch -​ storsimple-
    2. Firmware upgrade patch - storsimple-
  3. Perform this step only if you are using SSDPC or SSDO. Access the StorSimple Online Help site at and then navigate to Software Downloads node. To access this node, you will need to have an account on the Online Help site. Contact StorSimple support to create an account for you. Download the following software prior to starting the upgrade:
    1. SSDPC for
    2. SSDO

Once you have completed the above steps, you are ready to upgrade your system.


Upgrade the Appliance to v2.1.1.461

The upgrade involves upgrading the appliance software followed by the firmware upgrade. Perform the following steps for upgrade:

    1.   Upgrade the software on your appliance.

           a. To upgrade, use the storsimple- ​ patch.

           b. See the procedure for software patch upgrade for details.

   2.   Upgrade the USM firmware on your appliance.

            a. To upgrade, use the storsimple- ​ patch.

            b. See the procedure for firmware upgrade for details.


Upgrade SSDPC and SSDO

  1. For upgrading SSDPC, refer to the SSDPC installation procedure for detailed steps.
  2. For upgrading SSDO, refer to the SSDO upgrade guide for the detailed steps.


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