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Software Patch Upgrade Guide v2.1.1

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This Upgrade Guide documents the step-by-step upgrade procedure required for your StorSimple Appliance when upgrading from v2.1.1.249 to  a higher version of v2.1.1 software. Currently, the possible patch upgrade paths are:

  1. v2.1.1.249 v2.1.1.267
  2. v2.1.1.267  v2.1.1.341
  3. v2.1.1.325 → v2.1.1.461
  4. v2.1.1.341 → v2.1.1.461
  5. v2.1.1.386 → v2.1.1.461
  6. v2.1.1.394 → v2.1.1.461
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