Preparing for Upgrade

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This page describes the preparation that needs to be done prior to upgrading your system. Perform the following steps to prepare for upgrade:

  • Backup the data on your appliance using a Cloud Snapshot. The time taken by this step depends upon the amount of data added to your appliance since the last backup and could vary from a few hours to days. Note that a Cloud Snapshot of the appliance must be completed in last 24hrs. before starting the actual upgrade.
  • Configuration Backup is taken by navigating to  Home Manage Configuration Backup and clicking the 'Download' button.
  • Check for any other active backup jobs that are running on the system. This includes the jobs on the Web UI and those on DPC host. Wait for the current jobs to complete.

Once you have completed the above steps, you are ready to upgrade your system.


Operations Not Supported During Upgrade

The following operations are not supported when an appliance upgrade is in progress:

  1. Cloud Clones cannot be used for backup restore.
  2. Volume Clone operations are not supported.
  3. Backups associated with Volume Groups imported via Configuration Import cannot be used to perform a backup restore.


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