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This page describes the details of the upgrade from v2.1.1.249 to a higher version of v2.1.1 software. This process takes a total of 30-45 minutes to complete. This upgrade step will require the following tasks:



Prior to upgrading, please ensure the following:

  • Ensure that all the steps described in Preparing for Upgrade have been completed.
  • Appliance is running  v2.1.1.249 or higher. If your current software does not meet this criterion, please contact your StorSimple support to upgrade the appliance to the minimum required version. If the active controller on your appliance is running v2.1.1.500 (or higher) and the standby controller is running a lower version (as a result of controller replacement), then contact Microsoft Support prior to attempting the upgrade.
  • Navigate to Home → Manage → Hardware and ensure that all the components are healthy (as indicated by green status). If any of the components is not healthy, please contact StorSimple support team to provide guidance on next steps.
  • Access the Xyratex site at ftp://ftp.xyratex.com/pub/StorSimple/ and navigate to appropriate patch folder to ​download the correct version of software. For 2.1.1 software, download  “storsimple-2.1.1.xxx-from-2.1.1-install-patch.tar”.


Upgrade Software

Perform the following steps to upgrade the software.

  • Navigate to Home Manage Software Upgrade page. Proceed to Step 1 that involves uploading the software package.

 softwa  GAto277_1S.png


  • Click the Upload File button. Select package “storsimple-2.1.1.xxx-from-2.1.1-install-patch.tar” and click on Upload. The software will begin to upload. You have the option to cancel or pause the upload by using the corresponding buttons.




  • When the upload is completed successfully, the user can proceed to Step 2. The user may also decide to use the 'Reset' button to delete the uploaded package. Step 2 in upgrade involves checking the following conditions.
    1. A Cloud Snapshot of the volumes has been taken (completed) in the past 24hrs.
    2. A version compatibility in the various modules
    3. Cloud accessibility
    4. No critical hardware alert(s) in the system

If any of these criteria are not met, this check will fail. If there is a version mismatch or a critical hardware alert, please contact StorSimple Support to resolve the issue.

  • Click on 'Start Validation' to initiate the validation process as shown below.



  • If the validation is successful, the user can proceed to Step 3 and start the actual upgrade. If the validation check fails, then a 'View Results' button is presented to the user. Click on 'View Results' to understand why the validation check failed.  
  • Resolve the issue and initiate the validation check again. If the validation is successful, the user can proceed to next step that involves the actual upgrade.
  • Click on 'Upgrade'. The user will be presented with a pop-up asking the user to confirm the upgrade action.




  • Type "Confirm" and click on 'Confirm' to proceed with the upgrade.
  • The screen will show a message informing the user that the upgrade has started.



  • An upgrade alert will be shown on the Software Upgrade page. Click on 'View Details' to monitor the upgrade process.



  • The upgrade will start with a driver upgrade. The standby controller is then upgraded followed by a failover. Finally, the new standby controller is upgraded. Monitor this entire cycle by clicking on 'View Details' presented in the upgrade alert. A hardware alert will also be shown as the controllers are being upgraded.




  • Once the StorSimple appliance upgrade is complete, the new software version will now be displayed on the top right corner of the home page. You will also receive an email (if notification settings are configured) indicating that the upgrade is complete.


The appliance software upgrade is now complete.

Upgrade to v2.1.1.455

If you upgraded to v2.1.1.455, you will be presented with a pop-up as shown below.


You can:

  • Review the Release Notes to understand the new features and the issues release-noted for this release.
  • Review the StorSimple Privacy Statement to understand how the information collected for Call Home is used.
  • Choose to setup Call Home for proactive support if you haven't already done so. This will direct you to the Notification Settings page where you can setup Call Home and configure the associated email settings.


The DPC software now needs to be upgraded or else there will be a version mismatch. See 'Install DPC software' for next steps.


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