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With the appliance software upgrade complete, there is now a version mismatch between your StorSimple appliance and the DPC installed on your Windows host. Upgrading your DPC installation is required for the software to resume its operation.

 Warning: A version mismatch will cause connections to the StorSimple appliance to close, and restore operation attempts will fail.

Upgrading the DPC software consists of first uninstalling the existing version of the DPC software and then installing the new version of DPC software. Perform the following steps to upgrade your DPC software:

  • If you haven’t done so yet, please contact StorSimple’s Customer Support to create your access account on the support site. You will need to use your support site credentials to download the StorSimple software components referenced below.


  • Download the SSDPSetup_X##.exe installation file (approximately 11MB for the 32-bit version or 13MB for the 64-bit version) from StorSimple’s Support site. The suffixes '_X64' and '_X86' are for the 64-bit and 32-bit versions respectively.



  • Uninstall the prior DPC version from your host before attempting to install the new version. From the Start menu, access Control Panel Programs Programs and Features. Choose the StorSimple Data Protection program from this list to uninstall it.




  • If there are any processes running in the background, you may see the following message -




  • Choose 'Automatically close applications and attempt to restart those after the setup is complete.' Select OK.
  • Wait until the older version of StorSimple Data Protection is uninstalled.




  • After the uninstall is complete, it is recommended that you back up the DPC Catalog.  This will allow you to recover the policies and configuration created in your DPC software at a later point. To back up your catalog, perform the following steps: 


    • At the command prompt, type: C:\ProgramData\StorSimple
    • Locate the 'BACatalog' folder and and copy it to a target location of choice.
    • Refer to the section 'Restoring Policies from the backed up Catalog' in case you need to recover policies from a DPC Catalog backup. 


  • Install the new DPC software version. Double-click the appropriate .exe (SSDPSetup_64.exe for 64-bit and SSDPSetup_86.exe for 32-bit) to begin installation. You will now see the following screen.




  • Click ‘Next’. On the next screen, read the license agreement, terms and conditions, and accept these by clicking the radio button next to ‘I Agree’. To proceed, click ‘Next’.




  • On the next screen, specify where you would like to have the software installed. Otherwise, leave the default settings intact. Click ‘Next’ to continue.




  • Click on ‘Next’ again to confirm the installation of StorSimple Data Protection on your computer. The installation will take a few minutes and a status bar will reflect the progress of the process. Installation of StorSimple Data Protection application is now complete. Close the window.
  • Launch your DPC software.
  • Proceed to next section in case you have lost your policies and need to recover those from the backed up catalog.


Restoring Policies from DPC Catalog

Follow the procedure below to restore your DPC Catalog, in case you have replaced the Windows host or need to restore your DPC policies from backup:

  1. Close the DPC software.
  2. Locate the backed up catalog folder 'BACatalog' folder.
  3. Stop the 'StorSimple Management Service' by typing in the following command
    • net stop storsimple.managementservice
  4. Access C:\ProgramData\StorSimple, rename the existing BACatalog folder.
  5. Copy the backed-up ‘BACatalog’ folder from its location in step #2 into the parent folder - ProgramData\StorSimple.
  6. Restart the 'StorSimple Management Service' by typing in the following command
    • net start storsimple.managementservice
  7. Launch the DPC software.


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