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This page describes the details of the upgrade from v2.0.1 ( or higher) to v2.0.3 software. This is a relatively quick process with the entire procedure taking anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. This upgrade step will require the following tasks:



Prior to upgrading, please ensure the following -

  • Ensure that all the steps described in Preparing for Upgrade have been completed.
  • Appliance is running version or higher. If your current software does not meet this criterion, please contact your StorSimple support to upgrade the appliance to the minimum required version.
  • Navigate to Home → Manage → Hardware and ensure that all the components are healthy (as indicated by green status). If any of the components is not healthy, please contact StorSimple Support team to provide guidance on next steps.
  • Access the StorSimple FTP site to download the correct version of software. Contact StorSimple support to create an ftp account and getting your access credentials. For or higher software, download  “storsimple-2.0.3.xx-Bx-software-install-patch.tar”.


Upgrade Software

Perform the following steps to upgrade to v2.0.3 software.

  • Navigate to Home Manage Software Upgrade page. 



  • Click the Browse button. Select package “storsimple-2.0.3.xx-Bx-software-install-patch.tar” and click on Upload.



  • The software will now begin to upload. You have the option of pausing and then resuming the upload by using the Pause and Resume buttons. Once the upload is complete, click on Upgrade.



  • A confirmation dialog will be presented. Type in "CONFIRM" and click Confirm.




  • You will be directed to the Software Upgrade screen. Click on I Agree.



  • The software upgrade will start. It may take a few mintues before the next action.
  • Monitor the status of the upgrade by accessing Home Manage Hardware. This page will have two alerts, one 'Hardware Alert' corresponding to controller hardware state change, and the 'Upgrade Alert' indicating that an upgrade is in progress. Both these alerts will be updated as the system progress through standby controller upgrade, failover and active controller upgrade.
  • If not enabled, please check 'Auto-Refresh' so that the UI is periodically refreshed (at a 15 sec. interval).
  • First the upgrade files are installed on standby controller (in this case 0) and it is upgraded. Hence, standby controller 'Cluster node' will be reported as 'FAILED', and 'Cluster' in Shared Components will be reported as 'DEGRADED'. Once the standby controller upgrade is complete, all the corresponding components will turn green.





  • The standby controller upgrade will be followed by failover. The controls will be transferred to the standby controller that will now resume operations as the new active controller. This process is also referred to as “Failover”.
  • Next, upgrade files are installed on  new standby controller and it is upgraded. The status of new standby controller 'Cluster node' will show up as 'FAILED' and 'Cluster' in 'Shared Components' will be reported as 'DEGRADED'. Once the upgrade is complete, the cluster and the cluster node will be reported as ‘HEALTHY’.





  • The v2.0.3 upgrade is complete once all the components on the 'Hardware' page turn green again. The alerts if acknowledged will go away.
  • The user can now proceed to the next step.



Upgrade verification

The final step then in the upgrade process is to verify that the software has been upgraded to the requisite version. Perform the following steps.

  • Navigate to Home Help Technical Assistance.
  • Check the software version under system information to verify that the upgrade was successful. The new software version should be displayed.
  • The new software version will also be displayed on the top right corner of the home page.


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