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With the appliance software upgrade complete, there is now a version mismatch between your appliance and the DPC installed on your Windows host. Upgrading your DPC installation is required for the software to resume its operation.

 Warning: A version mismatch will cause connections to the appliance to close, and restore operation attempts will fail.

Upgrade DPC

Follow this process when your system has a version of DPC running and you intend to upgrade it. Upgrading the DPC software consists of the following steps:

  • Uninstall the existing version of DPC software.
  • Backup the DPC Catalog.
  • Install the new version of DPC software.

The procedure is described in the following sections.

Uninstall the existing DPC Software

Perform the following steps to uninstall the existing version of your DPC software:


  • Uninstall the prior DPC version from your host before attempting to install the new version. From the Start menu, access Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features. Choose the StorSimple Data Protection program from this list to uninstall it.




  • If there are any processes running in the background, you may see the following message -




  • Choose 'Automatically close applications and attempt to restart those after the setup is complete.' Select OK.
  • Wait until the older version of StorSimple Data Protection is uninstalled.




  • After the uninstall is complete, it is recommended that you back up the DPC Catalog.



Backup the DPC Catalog

Backing up the DPC will allow you to recover the policies and configuration created in your DPC software at a later point. To back up your catalog, perform the following steps: 

  • At the command prompt, type: C:\ProgramData\StorSimple
  • Locate the 'BACatalog' folder and copy it to a target location of choice.
  • Refer to the section 'Restoring Policies from the backed up Catalog' in case you need to recover policies from a DPC Catalog backup. 


Install the new software

Follow the steps as outlined in the 'New Installation' section to complete the upgrade.


Export DPC Client Certificates

To secure the RPC communications between the host and the appliance, a two-step process is followed:

  1. A self-signed security certificate is created and exported from the DPC UI
  2. This certificate is then imported into the Web UI of the appliance

 Note: This process is performed only for the new installations of DPC software or at any time when the FQDN associated with the Windows host is changed.


Perform the following steps to export a client certificate from the DPC UI:

  1. To launch StorSimple Data Protection, click the following sequence: Start → All Programs → StorSimple Data Protection → Data Protection Console (DPC).
  2. Select the topmost node (localhost) in the left scope pane of this UI.
  3. Right-click to invoke the context menu. From the dropdown, select 'Export Client Certificate'.




  1. The 'Export Client Certificate' dialog pops up. Supply a meaningful filename along with a location to store this certificate.
  2. Import this certificate into the appliance Web UI by accessing Configure → Security Settings → Client Certificates and clicking on 'Upload Certificate'. For details, refer to the steps listed in Uploading a Client Certificate section in the Web UI User Guide.
  3. Repeat Step 5 for all the appliances that will communicate with this host.


 Note: If your windows host is connected to mulitple appliances, the same certificate can be uploaded to all the appliances.


The secure RPC communication between your Windows host and appliance should now be enabled.


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