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This page describes the tasks that need to be done after your system has been upgraded.

  • Validate System Settings - The user needs to validate system settings after the upgrade.
  • Validate Cloud Configuration - The user needs to verify cloud configurations after the upgrade.
  • Verify Volume Configuration - The user should verify the volume configuration including volume priority.
  • Validate Volume Access Groups and Policies - Ensure that all the configured Volume Access Groups and Policies were unchanged through the upgrade process.
  • Ensure Data Migration - Verify that all the backups - Snapshots, Cloud Snapshots and Cloud Clones have migrated through the upgrade process.
  • Verify Reports - Ensure that the reports correctly reflect the usage.

In addition to the above specifics, it is highly recommended to validate all the settings and configuration related to your appliance after the upgrade is complete.

Once you have completed the above steps, the system can be put back in production.

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