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Thank you for purchasing a StorSimple appliance! This document outlines the steps required to upgrade the hardware, firmware and software on an appliance  running 1.2.1 software to the newly released 2.0.1 software. The guide is applicable to all 5010 and 7010 models of your StorSimple appliance.

This upgrade must be performed in conjunction with your StorSimple Technical Support team.The entire upgrade process consists of five major tasks: hardware upgrade of the appliance, firmware upgrade, upgrade to 1.2.2 software, upgrade to 2.0.1 software and install of the DPC software. Each of these tasks in turn consist of a series of sub-tasks.

The customer is requested to allocate at least 5 hours for this upgrade not including the time required for monitoring of the system. The time taken for each of the above steps is tabulated as below:




The various steps in the upgrade are described in the following sections:

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