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The first step in the upgrade process consists of upgrading the hardware of the appliance. It is described in the following sections:

  • Upgrade the Controller - This is an optional step that is done only if the StorSimple support team advises the customer to do so. It may also take about 30-45mins. This step consists of the following:


Prior to upgrading the hardware, please ensure the following -

  • All the steps enumerated in 'Preparing for Upgrade' section are complete.
  • Access the appliance Web UI and navigate to Home Manage Hardware and verify that all the components in this page are healthy (indicated by green status).

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Add Backup Battery Module

To insert the backup battery module, the Power Cooling Module (PCM) needs to be removed, the battery must be seated on the PCM and then the PCM is reinserted. The details of this process are as described below:

Remove the PCM

Perform the following steps to remove the PCM from the appliance:

  • Identify the appliance unit (from the expansion array) by looking at the System Unit Identification Number shown on the Front Panel LED display. The default Unit ID displayed on the appliance is '00' whereas the default Unit ID displayed on the expansion array is '01'.

  • Locate the PCM 0 that you intend to remove at the back of the appliance. Refer to the diagram of the appliance backplane shown below to locate the PCM 0 module.




  • Switch off the PCM 0 and disconnect the power supply cord.

  • Grasp the latch and the side of the PCM 0 handle between thumb and forefinger, squeeze together and open the handle to cam the PCM 0 out of the enclosure.




  • Grip the handle and withdraw the PCM 0.





Monitor the status

  • In the Web UI, navigate to Manage Hardware Page.

  • The status of 'Power Supply Unit 0' should be reported as 'Failed'.

  • Also, note that 'Battery 0', 'Battery 1' and 'Metis' are displayed as 'Not Present'.

Insert the Battery

Perform the following steps to insert the battery:

  • The battery module will have end caps installed. Remove the end caps from the battery.




  • Rotate the battery module handle upward as indicated in the figure below. Hold the battery and seat the battery in the PCM 0 in proper orientation as shown below.



Replace the PCM

  • Check for damage, especially to all connectors - do not install the module if any connector pins appear to be bent.

  • With the PCM 0 handle in the open position, slide the module into the enclosure.




  • Cam the module home by manually closing the PCM 0 handle. A click should be heard as the handle latch engages.

  • Connect the power cables to the power source and to the PCM 0.

  • Secure the strain relief bales.

  • Switch on the PCM 0.

Monitor the status

  • In the Web UI, navigate to Manage Hardware page.

  • Check the status of 'Power Supply Unit 0'  in the Hardware page. It should now be reported as 'healthy'. Note that the Hardware page may take some time before reporting the PCM as healthy.

  • Note that the 'Battery 0 ' should also be reported as 'Healthy'. 

Repeat for second PCM

Repeat all the steps listed above for the second PCM, in this case PCM 1. At the end of this step, in the 'Hardware' page, 'Battery 1' and 'Metis' should also be reported as 'Healthy'.

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Upgrade the Controller

Note that the controller upgrade step is optional. The StorSimple Support team will determine if such an upgrade is essential.

Perform the following steps to upgrade the Controller.

Remove the Standby Controller

  • Identify the Standby Controller. This can be done by locating the red/orange LED over the DATA2 interface on the appliance unit. A blinking LED indicates that it is the active controller and hence the other one will be a standby controller.

  • Perform the following steps to remove the controller module:

    • In the back of the appliance, locate the controller module.




  • Insert your first finger into the circular grip handle while squeezing the adjacent black latch.
  • Gently pull the two together to release the latch.




  • Using the latch as a handle, slide the controller out of the chassis.


Monitor the status

  • In the Web UI, navigate to Manage Hardware page.

  • Check the status of the Standby Controller in the Hardware page. It should now be reported as 'failed'.

Insert new controller

  • Identify the new controller provided by the StorSimple support team.

  • Perform the following steps to install the replacement controller.

    • Check if there is any damage to the interface connector. Do not install if any of the connector pins are damaged or bent.
    • To insert the replacement controller, slide the controller module into the chassis while the latch is fully released.




  • With the controller module inserted, begin closing the latch while continuing to push the controller module into the chassis. The latch will engage to guide the controller into place.




  • You're done once the latch snaps into place.

Failover and transfer of Control

  • Access Web UI and navigate to Manage Hardware page.
  • Ensure that the Standby Controller is now reported as 'healthy' after the insertion.

  • Click on the 'Restart Active Controller' on the Hardware page. This should initiate failover and transfer of control.

Remove and replace the new Standby Controller

Perform all the steps enumerated in 'Remove the Standby Controller' until 'Insert new controller' with the new standby (once active) controller.

Monitor the status

  • Access Web UI and navigate to Manage Hardware page.
  • Ensure that both the controllers are reported as healthy prior to proceeding to the next step.


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