Canceling the Upgrade

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This page documents the system behavior when the user decides to cancel the upgrade. The user may decide to cancel an upgrade based on one or more of the following reasons:

  • The customer is not interested in the upgrade.
  • The upgrade is taking too long.
  • The upgrade is slowing down the host I/O traffic and the customer requires higher performance.

The upgrade can be canceled during the installation of 1.2.2 software or during the 2.0.1 installation in any of the four data migration stages explained in the section Monitoring 2.0.1 Upgrade. The following sections discuss what happens when the user cancels an upgrade:

Canceling 1.2.2 upgrade

The 1.2.2 upgrade can be canceled via the 'Cancel' button available in the upgrade progress screen as shown below. This button is available only when the standby controller has already been upgraded and the once active controller is getting upgraded to 1.2.2 software. A upgrade progress bar will be shown on the top of the screen. Clicking on 'View Details' link will show the following screen to the user:



Prior to canceling the upgrade, the user should ensure that the standby controller is online. Failure to do so may result in system disruption.

The user can then click the 'Cancel Upgrade' button and will receive an appropriate warning message - "Canceling the upgrade will result in a reboot of the appliance. Are you sure you want to cancel the upgrade progress?" The active controller will reboot once the user confirms the cancel operation in response to the warning.

After the upgrade, the system will revert to 1.2.1 software. To resume upgrade, the user will now have to start the 1.2.2 installation from the beginning.

Canceling 2.0.1 upgrade

The 2.0.1 upgrade can be canceled in any of the four data migration stages explained in the section Monitoring 2.0.1 Upgrade.

The 'Cancel Upgrade' button is available if the user clicks the 'View Details' link presented in the upgrade progress screen as shown below. If the user clicks the 'Cancel Upgrade' button, an appropriate warning message is presented to the user.



  • Pressing the 'Cancel Upgrade' button in Phase 1 of migration, will not have an effect on the upgrade. The upgrade will continue until Phase 1 is complete.
  • Pressing the 'Cancel Upgrade' button in Phase 2, 3 or 4 of migration, will actually cancel the current phase. The system will revert to the state when it was running 1.2.2 software. To now resume the upgrade, the user will have to redo the 2.0.1 software upgrade step from the beginning.

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