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This page describes the tasks that need to be done after your system has been upgraded.

  • Validate Cloud Configuration - The user needs to manually input the correct values in the cloud usage input box if the account was in use before the upgrade. This is critical for existing customer who already have data in the cloud.
  • Validate Volume Access Groups and Policies - Ensure that all the configured Volume Access Groups and Policies were unchanged through the upgrade process.
  • Ensure Data Migration - Verify that  all the backups - snapshots, Cloud Snapshots and Cloud Clones have migrated through the upgrade process.
  • Affix the StorSimple Appliance Model Label  (Optional Step) - StorSimple has provided an Appliance Model Label (5020 or 7020 as the case may be) that can be affixed on top of the old label (5010 or 7010) if accessible. If the top of the appliance is not easily accessible, identify a suitable location to apply this label.

Once you have completed the above steps, the system can be put back in production.

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