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This page answers some of the frequently asked questions that the user has related to this upgrade.


Q. Why would a user cancel an upgrade?

A.  The user may cancel an upgrade for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The customer is not interested in the upgrade.
  • Upgrade taking too long.
  • Upgrade is slowing down host I/O traffic and the customer requires higher performance.


Q. How can I restart the canceled upgrade?

A. If the upgrade is canceled during the 1.2.2 upgrade step, then the system reverts to 1.2.1 software. The user will have to resume the upgrade to 1.2.2 from the beginning. If the upgrade is canceled in Phase 1 of the 2.0.1 upgrade step, the system does nothing and proceeds with Phase 1 until it is complete. If the upgrade is canceled in Phase 2 of the 2.0.1 upgrade step, the system reverts to 1.2.2. software and the user will have to resume the 2.0.1 upgrade from the beginning. For details, see Canceling the Upgrade.


Q. Am I allowed to take a backup during the upgrade? How about running I/Os?

A.  You can run I/Os throughout the upgrade. You can also take a backup except in the Phase 3 of the 2.0.1 software upgrade step.


Q. What changes I see in the system or the UI after the upgrade is completed?

A. Once the upgrade is completed, the new 2.0.1 UI kicks in. This occurs upon the completion of Phase 3 in the 2.0.1 upgrade step. For details of the 2.0.1 UI, please see the 2.0.1 Web UI User Guide.


Q. How long does the total upgrade take?

A. The user should set aside around 5hrs. for upgrading from 1.2.1 to 2.0.1 software. This does not include the time that may be required to monitor the system. The monitoring time depends upon the total data on the system and can range up to days.


Q. I started my firmware upgrade and it has been a long time and nothing seems to be happening. Is something wrong? What should I do?

A. There is no visual indication of the firmware upgrade especially during the first part where the standby controller is getting upgraded. It could take up to 45mins. - 1hr. for the firmware upgrade on the standby controller. The user can navigate to hardware page and monitor the status by continuously refreshing it. Once all the components turn green, the firmware upgrade is done.


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