SSDO Upgrade Guide v2.0.1 to v2.1.1

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Last updated: 12/18/2013

Part no. - 760-0016-0001-A 

This guide describes the detailed steps to upgrade your SSDO from v2.0.1 to  v2.1.1.1 (386 or higher) version of software. Before you plan this upgrade, consider this information:

  • SSDO upgrade is not an in-place upgrade. The existing version of SSDO needs to be fully uninstalled and the new version then needs to be installed.
  • During the uninstall process, any files that were externalized using the RBS feature will not be available until the entire upgrade is complete and the RBS feature is re-enabled for the desired databases. 
  • The time required by this upgrade can vary and depends on the total number of SharePoint databases in your farm.

This upgrade will require the following tasks:



Prior to upgrading, ensure the following:

  • SSDO is running  v2.0.2.84 or higher.
  • Make a note of all the databases for which RBS has been enabled.
  • Make a note of the configured BLOB store path.
  • Access the online help site to download the correct version of software.
    • To download the software, you will need to contact StorSimple support to create an account on this site and obtain access credentials.
    • With the access credentials, you will need to sign into the site and then click the 'Software Downloads' node.
    • Download v2.1.1.386 or higher version for SSDO.


Upgrade Software

Perform the following steps to upgrade the software:

SSDO-SuccessUninstall.jpg softwa  

  • If your uninstall fails for any reason, contact technical support for next steps.
  • Install the new version of the software. More information on how to install SSDO
  • A successful install is indicated by a screenshot as shown below.


  • Once you have finished the install, you will need to re-enable the RBS externalization feature. Add the previously used BLOB store path to the UI. More information on how to enable the RBS feature
  • Re-enable all the desired databases in the farm.

Note: When enabling RBS for a farm with very large number of databases (greater than 200), the Web UI may timeout and needs to be refreshed. This does not impact the enabling process.

The SSDO software upgrade is now complete. 


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