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Verifying BLOB Externalization

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Once EBS or RBS is enabled, upload a document to SharePoint. Browse to the UNC path as configured in the previous steps to ensure that an EBS or RBS directory structure was created, and that it contains the uploaded object.

Alternatively, you can execute the ListBlobsInDB_2007.sql or ListBlobsInDB_2010.sql script on test installations. To do this, start SQL Server Management Studio and open the file, and run the following query.

USE WSS_Content

SELECT   AllDocStreams.Id,
         LeafName AS Name,
         AllDocs.Size AS OrigSizeOfContent,
         LEN(CAST(Content AS VARBINARY(MAX))) AS SizeOfContentInDB,
FROM  AllDocStreams
      INNER JOIN AllDocs ON AllDocStreams.Id = AllDocs.Id
ORDER BY TimeLastModified DESC

When configured correctly, the 'SizeOfContentInDB' column should show NULL for an object that was uploaded and successfully externalized with RBS, or a size of 16 for an object that was uploaded and successfully externalized with EBS.

File:User:AlpaK/StorSimple_Web_UI_User_Guide/image009.jpg Note:  If the SharePoint Timer service and the IIS application pool under which the SharePoint Central Administration site is running does not have administrative privileges, there will be no indication to the user and the BLOB externalization will silently fail.


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