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Restoring Exchange Data Using SDRC

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Perform the following steps to restore Exchange data using SDRC.

1.    Log in to the system as a user who has access credentials for the Exchange server or mailbox to be restored.

2.    From the Windows Start menu invoke StorSimple Data Restore Console for Exchange.  Click ‘Next’ on the wizard screen.

3.    On the ‘Source Path Selection’ screen select the Source File (.edb, .pst or .cas) path, the log file path (.idx, .dat or .lkp) and a location for the temporary file path as shown in figure 4.  Then click ‘Next’.


Source Path Selection Screen

Figure 4.png


4.    On the ‘Target Type & Path Selection’ screen select the target type and enter the corresponding the Exchange server details in the text boxes and click ‘Next’.  The ‘Target Type & Path Selection’ screen is shown below.


Target Type & Path Selection Screen

Figure 5.png


5.    Once the source and target have been selected the source Exchange objects that are available for restore and the target server where they can be restored to are displayed in the StorSimple Data Restore Console screen as shown below.  The objects to be restored can then be dragged and dropped from the source (top pane) to the target (bottom pane).


StorSimple Data Restore Console Screen

Figure 6.png


6.    On dragging and dropping the objects to be restored the 'Copy Progress screen' appears and presents a real-time log of the progress of the restore operation.  If multiple objects have been selected for restore, or an entire mailbox is being restored the copy operation could take several minutes to complete.


Copy Progress Screen

Figure 7.png

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