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Document attachment - SDRC v6.1.4 Release Notes

Thank you for deploying the StorSimple Data Restore Console for SharePoint v6.1.4. This document provides release notes identifying open issues with this product.

The following are the release notes for v6.1.4 of the StorSimple SharePoint Data Restore Console for SharePoint.




Comments and/or Work Arounds


Unable to add source when StorSimple volume is mounted to a local folder

StorSimple volumes mounted to local folder (not a drive letter) are not properly detected by the SDRC license enforcement process. This may prevent a source from being added to the UI if this is where the source database files are located.

Workarounds: This is a known issue and can be worked around by not mounting the volume to a local folder and using a driver letter instead. If there is a compelling need to use a local folder, please contact StorSimple support for assistance with the process.


Remote Blob Store Configuration dialog does not offer a way to add a path after the existing paths are removed

When adding a source to the StorSimple Data Restore Console for SharePoint which contains an RBS path, the user is presented with the SharePoint BLOB Configuration dialog and given the option to edit the paths. If the path is removed there is no option to add a new one while remaining in the dialog.

Workarounds: To work around this issue, close the SharePoint BLOB Configuration dialog and perform the Add source operation again. This will present the original RBS path again. If the path must be changed, use the Edit option to change it rather than removing it.


Export operation fails when targeting the root of a drive and "Maintain Message Path" option is enabled

The File Export operation will fail when restoring to a folder where write permissions are not configured for the currently logged on user with the following message: ERROR: "Not enough storage available on target to process the item"

Workarounds: Retry the operation after configuring write access for the current user on the desired folder.


Error when restore is attempted on a source volume that has gone offline

An error occurs when restoring files when the source volume has gone offline and then brought back online in the current UI session with the message: "ERROR: Item <file name> in <list name>. Error copying item. An unexpected error occurred"

Workarounds: To work around this issue, close the UI and reopen it. Reload the desired source and target in the new session and retry the restore operation.


OEM enforcement does not properly detect when BLOB store path is hosted on a StorSimple volume

License enforcement does not properly detect when the BLOB store path is hosted by a StorSimple volume

Workarounds: The issue occurs when the share used for the source DB is created using a lower case drive letter, for example f:\ instead of F:\. To work around the issue, re-create the share using an upper case drive letter. Note that when doing so via Windows

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Contacting Technical Support

Should you encounter any issues with your appliance, please do not hesitate to contact StorSimple Technical Support at:

  • Telephone: 1-800-642-7676
  • Web:
    • In the page presented, click on plus icon to expand the 'Get Technical Support' node. In the expanded pane, click on 'Get Microsoft Technical Support'.




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