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This document provides guidance on how to use this site. The site is designed to be both flexible and powerful in the way you gain access to the information needed. On this site, the user can set up their preferences, search for content, vote on content, and provide comments to help us improve the documentation. 

Some will find browsing most effective. Others might use our powerful search engine with advanced options to pin point their specific content needs.

Browser Support

For the proper functioning of Online Help Site, note that -

  1. Compatibility Mode should be disabled in IE 8 / IE 9.
  2. Windows Media Player or Silverlight should be installed (may not be so by default on system w/ Windows Server) for viewing of videos. If Windows Media Player is not installed, the user will be prompted to install Silverlight player.
  3. Enhanced Security Configuration should be disabled and “Meta Refresh” enabled for Context-Sensitive Help to function properly.
  4. Flash Player should be installed to view the Landing page.

The browsers that are supported by Online Help site are IE 8, IE 9, Firefox 3.6. The compatibility mode for IE is not supported.

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Using the site

Here are some basic tips on using this site for performing tasks such as:

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Signing In

Locate the Login/Signup icon on the right of the top tool bar and login to your StorSimple site using the credentials provided to you.




If you have launched this site by invoking the help from the Appliance web UI, you are directed to the login page automatically.




Supply your 'Username' and 'Password' to login.

Password Retrieval

If you are coming back to this site and have forgotten your password, simply click on 'Forgot password?' link and you will be required to supply your 'Username'. 




You will then receive your password in an email. Use this password to login and view StorSimple Documentation.


Reset Password

You may wish to change or reset your password. To do so, access the top toolbar. Select Tools > My Preferences. In the page that opens up, the user can reset their current password.



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Searching Content

Global Search

The SEARCH button in the upper right is a Global Site Search. It searches our entire documentation and is exactly the same throughout The Search uses the Lucene Search Engine that is fully documented here.




Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search and fill out the forms as needed.




Site Map or Alphabetic Index

A full hierarchical map of the entire documentation site can be displayed by the 'Site Map' option. This is tucked away in the bottom most left corner of the site. This can also be used to navigate through the content.

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Navigating Content

There are multiple ways of navigating this web site each of which is described here.

Left Navigation Pane

The obvious method to navigate content would be to use the navigation tree provided in the left pane. The documents are arranged based on the type of guide it is. Each type of document contains a consistent set of elements so that you can quickly and easily view the document and make sense of it. The look and feel of each document is consistent and repeatable, improving your learning experience.

The documents fall into the following categories: 

  • Quick Start Guides - these guides describe the steps required to configure either the appliance or the software prior to using it.
  • User Guides - these guides describe all the elements/buttons present in the UI and the associated tasks.
  • Technical Reports - these are in-depth reports on a particular topic or customer use-case.
  • Hardware Guides - these guides pertain to the different aspects of the hardware components of the appliance. Some of these include procedures for the hardware replacement, technical specification, regulatory and the compliance information among others.
  • Release Notes - these documents are associated with our software and hardware release to the field. Our Release Notes are split into two types:
    1. Release Notes - these notes can be tied to our major releases. The notes contain a description of the issues fixed and remaining with a given release, making a note of new features, if any.
    2. Patch Summary Release Notes - are available for the patches tied with a major release. These notes should be used as an addendum to the release notes pertaining to the appropriate major release.



Our documentation is more modular in its approach, leveraging easy to read templates tied to the document type (Quick Start Guides, User Guides, Release Notes, etc). When finding content via the navigation tree, the breadcrumbs are always displayed.


The breadcrumbs provide an easy way to get to the parent directory with one mouse click.

Toolbar Icons


  • HOME: takes you back to the home page of the StorSimple documentation site i.e. htttp://
  • MY PAGE: directs you to a page just for you. You can use it to share contact information, action items or project files.
  • TOOLS: leads to a dropdown where the user can select from
    • My Preferences - where the user can save their profile information such as full name, email address, time zone. The user can also reset password here.
    • Popular Pages - lists all the pages in a descending order based on the total number of views from users.
  • SUPPORT: directs you to StorSimple Technical Support Site.
  • Logged in / Log out: allows you to login or log out of the StorSimple Online Help documentation site.

Browsing Sequence

A browsing sequence is provided for all the guides by embedding navigational links such as << Prev and Next >> . These provide for a traditional book-style user experience. 

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Voting on Content

We monitor voting data on all pages to see where lie our strengths and weaknesses. Your vote counts. You can help by clicking on the feedback buttons at the top right of each page.
Just click on the 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' button. This will launch a feedback dialog. State your problem in the text field and submit. An email notification is sent to the Content Developer immediately. Alternatively, feedback can also be provided by using the 'Comment' field provided at the bottom of each help page. For details, see Commenting on Content.

Commenting on Content

The best way for you to help improve this documentation is through the comments feature. The Content Moderator maintains notifications on all the pages. As such when you comment on a page, he gets notified immediately.
Here's how to comment:
  • Navigate to the page where you want to add a comment.
  • At the bottom of the page is the Comment field. Type in your comment.


  • Click the Add comment button.
  • Your comment appears attributed to your user ID and with a time stamp. You can edit or delete a comment that you have posted previously.

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Getting Support

'Support' in the green header directs you to StorSimple Support Home Page. (

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Header and Footer

The Header and the Footer of the Support site is consistent with the rest of our corporate website:

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